Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Why using Object Relational Mapping?

Better system architecture

When you include all functionality of your application and the access to the database
within your dialogs, you will have some severe disadvantages.

It is really difficult to reuse code. You will repeat code at many places. If you change
anything it is quite hard to find out all places where you have to add changes,
when you separate your dialogs from your logic and the logic from the persistence
mechanism you can more easily apply changes to one part without influencing the other

Reduce time for standard DB actions

Most queries in database development are simple “insert, update, delete” statements.
There is no need to develop all these tedious statements. Hibernate helps you to save time.
Loading classes from the database looks like

Query query = session.createQuery("select b from Bug as b");
for (Iterator iter = query.iterate(); iter.hasNext();) {
return bugs;

saving a class “bug” to the database looks like


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